Atmospheric Chemistry Group
Prof. Mark A. Zondlo
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Center for Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment
Princeton University

Field Campaigns

The ultimate goal for any new, atmospheric instrument is to provide novel measurements for understanding important science issues. To this end, new instruments are first prototyped in the laboratory, tested informally on ground-based platforms, and eventually are deployed as part of scientific field campaigns. The field experiments range from a complex ground network to advanced airborne platforms depending upon the scientific goals. International field campaigns bring together a wide array of researchers in a collaborative setting to address important scientific questions. It is an exciting, intense, and tremendously rewarding opportunity to conduct research as part of such a multidisciplinary and international team of scientists.

Click on the links below for more information on the past and current field campaigns in which the Zondlo group has participated:

Mobile platform comparison with aircraft during missed approach in January 2013 as part of NASA DISCOVER-AQ field campaign.

Three phases of water: atmosphere, ocean, and cryosphere near Antarctica taken onboard the NSF G-V during the HIPPO field campaign.